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Rokhmi Fitria was graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy, Gadjah Mada University, Feb 2004. She built her career in Pharmacy Industry for 11 years. But she love fashion design since she was at an elementary school. Her passion for designing clothes continue growing up.  RF practice her design skill by designed her own clothes & hijab since she was in college , her wedding wear for her & her husband, her casual wear & uniform during RF’s career in Pharmacy. RF start run a fashion bussiness since 2012, during her career in Pharmacy.

Since her passion lead her to chase her dream, she decided to resign from her last career at 2015 and focus on her fashion bussiness.  At 2016 she joined with ESMOD JAKARTA for fashion Design Class and also joined with Sparks Fashion Academy for Fashion Bussiness class. On April 21, 2017, RF launched her ready to wear Brand, RF by Rokhmi Fitria with specialized in Dynamic Modest Fashion.  Than On April 21, 2018 RF launched her premium Brand, KAENINA by Rokhmi Fitria with specialized in modern ethnic fashion using Indonesian Textile. For her it is not just fashion & clothing, it is all about passion, creativity and story in her design.


RF by Rokhmi Fitria establish since April 21, 2017. As a local brand made in Indonesia our product specialized at Dynamic Modest Fashion. Inspirated by how dynamic urban life style which move so fast & as hijabers woman have to improve her personality skill & creativity to keep productive & competitive in her life. RF by Rokhmi Fitria will serve you with simply, comfort, modern & healthy style as our brand identity.  RF want to give you a design which meet urban lifestyle and she has a great purpose to make her design become an inspiration for moeslem woman to start use hijab and proud of her hijab. Through this label RF want to ask you joint with her movement for empowering hijabers woman to be productive & creative.

RF by Rokhmi Fitria focusing for serving an adult , dinamyc , urban woman, traveler, career woman, entrepreneur, housemom  with age between 25– 35 years old ,which seeking modest fashion for urban lifestyle everyday life, traveling, semi formal activities, fashionable, simply & comfort working attire in their professional career life. Our product range are hijab , inner , blouses, blazer, tunic, cape, skirts, pants,cullotes, dresses, outer  that you can mix and match all item and create your own style. Not just fashion, RF by Rokhmi Fitria also serve you with personal kit, accessories, creativity kit which make keep you  stay creative, safe & health during your activities all day.

KAENINA by Rokhmi Fitria establish on April 21, 2018. As a local brand made in Indonesia, our product specialized are Modern Ethnic Fashion using Indonesian Textile. Inspirated by beauty of heritage and nature of Indonesia.

KAENINA is derived from the word Kain (fabric) & Ina (Indonesia), showing that this brand is committed for conserving Indonesian culture through fashion designs that telling a story how the beauty & indigenous culture of Indonesia, presenting in luxe & unique urban style for your modern lifestyle. KAENINA’s Vision & mission are:

  • Spreading The beauty of Indonesia to the world through sustainable & ecofriendly fashion design using Indonesian textile
  • Encourage society to love & be proud using local product & conserve Indonesian culture by wearing Kaenina product
  • Active concern to Eco lifestyle by develop sustainable & ecofriendly product  with natural dye & natural fabric.
  • Develop economic sharing through empowering Indonesian fabric craftsman to strengthen the ecosystem of industry 4.0, so that the welfare of the craftsman community increases.

Kaenina brand’s segment focusing on adult woman, ethnic & Indonesian Textile lover, Urban/Modern woman, career/bussiness woman, socialite, housemom  with age between 25-35 years old, bigsize modern etnich lover, ecofriendly & natural enthusiast seeking modern ethnic fashion which meet urban, ecofriendly & ethnic lifestyle for everyday life, traveling, semiformal & formal activities, working attire in their professional career life. Our product range from blouses, blazer, tunic, cape, skirts, pants, cullotes, dresses, outer that you can mix and match all item and create your own style.

It’s time for your active movement just with one step, By Wearing Kaenina’s product, its bring you for exploring beauty of Indonesian heritage & nature also  keep conserve nature & Indonesian culture & help to welfare life of handcraftsman which collaborated with Kaenina in all over Indonesia to make this beauty fashion.

What we do here is to collaborate inspiration & passion to make a story in your style through our design. Since Customer satisfaction become our top priority, therefore we always improve skill and knowledge to make our design meet your style and we always choose high quality material and tailor sewing for your comfortness.  We make your clothes with care, built quality into product with high quality control from beginning,during and after the process and we continue improve our quality system and excellent service just for your satisfaction.

Rokhmi Fitria focus to serve you with authencity product, high quality and comfort product, affordable price product, mutual relationship and excellent cooperation, keep to be a valuable brand to meet your need.

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